How to create deluxe collections of confectionery
Course authors: Olga Penioza and Oleg Hotko
Шоколадная открытка. Цветы
Course Starts January
Chocolate START NEW course as a gift - will help you get to grips with chocolate even if you're new to it
16+ hours of video material
Mandatory homework and 60 days of full feedback
360 days access to all materials
Lessons that will help you to make money during the course
5 modules / 20+ hours professionally filmed demonstrations from
3 cameras
Who wants to reach a new level and noticeably increase your income through the use of " "mysterious" techniques
Who wants to distance himself from the competition, and intrigue with your work
Who has never dealt with chocolate, but wants to learn a new profession and start making money right away!
Your work will be cited as an example referring to them as luxury desserts
Some will be guessing how it is done. And others will dream
of decorating their festive table with your products
Colleagues and customers will be
talking about your work
You don't need to know how to draw!
By following the step-by-step techniques
in the lessons, you will be able to create
a custom image on chocolate. You don't
have to be an artist
Ability to create a full portfolio of
successful pastry chef in the process
of learning. Do your homework - take
a photo - post it on the social network -
take an order - earn money!
The most popular type of decor with
your customers is flowers! Everyone
loves flowers!
The cost of creating the decor allows
you to increase the income from the
cake by almost 2 times!
Each module comes with a set of
lessons with different chocolate
techniques in a floral theme
Chocolate card and chocolate flowers
can be made in advance
Even a complete beginner will be able
to create chocolate products for sale
and make good money
You will learn how to create the best chocolate décor with a floral theme
  • Shooting with 3 professional cameras
  • High-quality lighting
  • Detailed step by step demonstration
  • Full year access to video materials

  • Completing homework demonstrates mastery of a skill. This is very important for effective learning
  • You may choose one of the techniques of the module to turn in your homework
  • The criteria for accepting homework are detailed at the end of each module
  • Access to the next module is available as soon as the homework is accepted
  • Every completed homework assignment adds a successful element to your portfolio
  • Our school holds regular competitions among students in our courses
  • The prize fund of each competition is more than 700 USD
  • Any questions are answered on the school's platform, underneath the lessons
  • Detailed feedback within 60 or 120 days after the start of the course (depending on the selected package)
  • Support is provided by course authors and professionally trained supervisors with comprehensive information about working with chocolate
  • Highly powerful support from other participants in the course
  • The Birth of the Professional Tandems
  • Promo code information in our store and partner stores
  • Showing our success
  • Participating in joint purchases
  • Solving any technical issues on the course
  • Each certificate of the school comes with a unique number
  • School certificate is a quality mark for market experts
  • To receive the certificate, you need to demonstrate the performance of all objects involved in each module
Suitable for those who want to improve their shop-window and create attractive and fantasy stirring decoration
The Basics of Working with Chocolate.
16 hours of materials and quizzes to get to grips with the basics of working with chocolate.
Chocolate START
Compressor, spray gun, airbrush
Chocolate tinting
Chocolate tempering
Selecting chocolate
  • Drawing a Lotus. Making a fan with the Lotus pattern. Assemble the decor
  • Making a volumetric Lotus. Assemble the decor
  • Drawing "Peony" with the new technology
  • Making a three-dimensional "Peony" decor and assembling the product"
  • Pricing of Handmade Products
  • Luxury confectionery wrapping
  • Drawing "Hydrangeas"
  • Create volumetric "Hydrangea" and assemble the product"
  • How to Draw Roses Technology 1
  • Making a three-dimensional "Roses" decoration and assembling the product
  • How to Draw Roses Technology 2
Chocolate START course

5 modules

Full access to the course
program for a year

Telegram chat access

Feedback for 60 days

Discount Promocodes in foxlab and other partner stores

Taking part in the school's contests
Chocolate START course

5 modules

Full year access to the course program

Telegram chat access

Feedback for 120 days

Three personal consultations from the authors of the course
(Skype call)

Course materials and ingredients

Discount Promocodes in foxlab
and other partner stores

Taking part in the school's
*Booking allows you to keep the discounted price and pay later
*Booking allows you to keep the discounted price and pay later
*Pay the course in installments with no interest
*Pay the course in installments with no interest
330 USD
880 USD
940 USD
390 USD
*Get a bonus with payment before January 10th
Board-decoration ("Chocolate Postcard" technique, we are creating a drawing with cocoa butter in the oil painting manner).

Delicate tracery decor with a bend (using stencils, we make the finest, most stylish chocolate decor).

A glossy red chocolate ball with a surprise hidden inside (glossy, colored chocolate figure painting technique).

The delight and admiration of customers and their guests is guaranteed!
A unique way to decorate chocolates.

Poppies and the "love" inscription on the surface of the candy ("Chocolate Postcard" technique, we create a drawing with cocoa butter in a watercolor manner), Shiny gloss, deep and bright colors (with a minimum consumption of dyes), individual approach to the client.

Get a bonus when booking or paying in installments before January 10th

Floral Love tutorial on creating unique
2 choco-transfers
Demonstration of the technology
to create a unique, fully edible product
The Floral Love lesson is going to be about
We'll teach you how to quickly repeat it as many times as you want with the same quality
We'll tell you about the ingredients, materials, and equipment
we'll show you how to multiply your range with a chocolate card
We will give a simple step by step technology of tempering chocolate
The Founder of FOXLAB school
Co-author of the book "Confectionery Showcase.
Selling a Million"
International Confectionary Art Consultant
Leading instructor of the "Chocolate Games" course and co-author of YOXI chocolate molds
Co-founder of Ginger Fox Confectionery
Classes are held by a unique creative duo - Olga Penioza and Oleg Hotko, who achieved
a significant step forward in the market of contemporary confectionary art!
Interned in the U.S.
Founder of brand bureau
Co-founder of stained glass workshop
Ginger Fox confectionery's Art-director
Lead teacher of the "Chocolate Games" course and YOXI chocolate molds co-author
Chocolate Postcard Course Kit
45 USD
80 USD
The set includes:
1. Ceramic palette 13 cm ( 2 pcs).
2. Synthetic brush #0 round Pinax "Creative 691" stiff, short handle * 2 pcs.
3. Brush #6 flat synthetic brush Malevich "Andy" 1 item
4. Brush #10 flat synthetic paintbrush Malevich "Andy" 1pc
5. Paper tape 25 mm
6. Acetate tape 5 pieces
7. ShoPen© cyan ink - 10 g
8. ShoPen© magenta ink - 10 g
9. ShoPen© yellow - 10 g
10. ShoPen© black 10g
11. ShoPen© white - 10 g
12. dark chocolate 56 - 100g
13. White chocolate 34 - 100g
14. Cocoa Butter - 20g

Or you can choose everything on your own
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